Candy Factory - SM North Edsa

Candy Factory, The newest kid's high end playpen at Sm North Edsa. My Sister was the one who told me about this. So, last Valentines day I bought my kids over to see how it is, compared to other places of it's kind.

Once you get inside you'll see this big circular trampoline where my eldest spend most of his time inside perfecting his' Power Rangers pose. The picture above was a successful jump, too bad he's facing on the other side. I admit I don't have a sense of perspective, unlike Photographers :P

While my youngest, of course at his age (2) is fond of balls and this thing was unique. It makes a soft ball float by the air blown from inside the machine. I am too was amazed with this.

The place had two slides, One is this, you have two climb up to the 3rd floor and you'll slide down to the 2nd floor where the cool machine that keeps a ball afloat is. The other slide was The Giant Candy Drop. I don't have the guts to try it since it was too steep, though you'll end up in pool of balls. I don't think it's safe for kids below 3.

They have a Jelly Bed, it was a bit small and I was not able to experience it because It was for kids only :P But, don't you think it's cool to have just like this at your own home? :D I sure do want one

Though when you step on a ride you might be approached by their usherette and will tell you "ah Mam, Bawal jan" haha. . I was told probably a couple of times, When actually they should have informed the guardians/parents to where they can go before they start to play or a signage maybe at every ride. Am I right?  Less annoyance to the Customers, More productivity to the Crew :D Overall, I like the place. It was huge it occupied the whole "old" SM entertainment center. Just don't forget to bring your socks when you plan to go here. :) Have fun Mommies :D


  1. hello hippie mom,

    that place looks nice, pang boys tlga. thanks for following my blog. more power to you!